Takabe Shirine Takabe shrine is located in Chikura, Minami-boso. "The God of food is enshrined here. You will see the ceremony of kitchen knife 3 times a year. Just come and see what's happening there ! The ceremony for God of Food

"Feed the sharks !?" Ito Diving Service BOMMIE

Diving Shop BOMMIE Have you ever heard of the diving shop where you can feed the sharks ? Yes ! Come to Tateyama in Chiba Prefecture and you'll have an amazing experiance. Diving Shop BOMMIE

Rosemary Park in Maruyama

Information Rosemary Park is located in Maruyama(Minami-Boso). It boasts a beautifull Garden and medieval English houses. Step in the house and you will see the sculptures related to Shakespearre's collection of works. Sculptures

Sunosaki Lighthouse

Sunosaki Lighthouse Have you ever come to Tateyama before ? If not, please consider.Today I will inreoduce yuu a lighthouse in Tateyama.Sunosaki Lighthouse is Tateyama's cultural property which is Locateted in a south-west of Tateyama, the…

3 things that you should visit Okino-shima Island

Hello. I'm YOSHI living in a countryside called Tateyama in Chiba Prefecture. Tateyama is located in a very southen area of Boso peninsula, 90 minutes distance from Tokyo by car. Tateyama Today, I would like to introduce my favorite place,…