3 things that you should visit Okino-shima Island


Hello. I'm YOSHI living in a countryside called Tateyama in Chiba Prefecture.


Tateyama is located in a very southen area of Boso peninsula, 90 minutes distance from Tokyo by car.





Today, I would like to introduce my favorite place,"Okino-shima",which is island but it's connected with land by sand beach.


Okino-shima is located in a Tateyama Bay.

It's surrounded by beautiful sea and you can relax in the beach.


Now,I will tell you 3 things why you should come to this place.



Okino-shima Island


1  The place isn't so crowded plus free parking space !

Those places such as Shonan or famous place are always so crowded. And It's very hard to find the parking space.You sometimes have to wait for parking for an hour.


You drive a car to Tateyama around 90 minutes from Tokyo. You can come directly to the entrance of Okino-shima and park for free !



There's no car in the parking lot in this season.


2  Enjou snokeling !

Tateyama belongs to warm clmate but coral reefs can be seen in this area.


So you go snokeling and enjoy watching beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish. You also sit around in a whole day!



the other side of Okino-shima

 3  Explore the island

Okinoshima, whichi is very small island, has shrine and cave. 


"Uga-Myozin"  is located in the central of the island. God of agriculture is enshrined here.





There's a cave waiting for you.

Just go inside and have a look.You can see amazing view from inside of the cave !



the entrance of the cave







the view from exit of the cave


I tried my best to explain one of my favorite place.

I hope you enjoy this blog.


Thanks a lot !