Sunosaki Lighthouse

Sunosaki Lighthouse

Have you ever come to Tateyama before ? If not, please consider.

Today I will inreoduce yuu a lighthouse in Tateyama.

Sunosaki Lighthouse is Tateyama's cultural property which is Locateted in a south-west of Tateyama, the entrance of the Tokyo bay.

It was built in 1919 and still works for safety of the ships.

Tateyama Bay on the right side

You have a fantastic view from the lighthouse.

Tateyama bay can be seen on the right side.(Picture above)

You will see Beatiful Mt.Fuji on the other side. It looks so close! (Picture below)

Mt. Fuji on the left side

This lighthouse is located along the road called "flower line".

I will introduce other places for sightseeing along flower line.